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stars refracted against the lens of his eyes
the sun was the hydrogen-burning bomb inside his chest
2.8 million years away from detonating
I was the moons revolving around him,
gravity constantly pulling
his thoughts constructed the universe
black holes were his secrets,
mysteries that consumed my curiosity
Earth was his home,
one I wished he had never left.
He Was The Galaxies
written in jan or feb

update: january 20, 2015
him, equivalent to a waterspout in a hurricane,
  me, a wildfire trapped inside a barn,
we committed atrocities
  we massacred what was intended to be strong
I started as a gas lantern
  he started as a rain storm
but I think - no, I know -
  his winds teetered my iron position
when I went ablaze, burning the structure,
  he started destroying the vessels
as the cattle cooked and the ships shattered,
  I was screaming for the neighbors,
for the lighthouses
  until my throat was raw
unlike me, he was quiet until
  crash he struck from ferocity
my last flames were dwindling,
  turning to ash
he was receding into the waves,
  ebbing away with my embers
April Showers Bring Burning Flowers
update: january 1, 2015
update: january 20, 2015
lacking the skeletal disposition that
reminded me of broken fence posts,
his hands jostled the thought of a home

i can hear the sounds of bed sheets
giving way to the bodies and
the floorboards moaning for missing steps

he's standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame

i'm laying on the bed, thinking how his arms
built a shelter that we put into words,
creating the foundation,
dreams, constructing the walls, each other,
making it an edifice of us

the sun acted like a spotlight, fixating
on the way his veins drew blueprints
that outlined this entire exhibition of a life

i felt the way the walls weren't cold,
the floors weren't silent planks,
the roof was safety instead of a cloud
polluting the air above our heads

we brought to the workbench anger
mixed with joy and displeasure
shaded into appeasement with love,
welding everything together

we made a home by the enamor of us and all we had to give
and this marks the first poem of us

his hands aren't skeleton wrapped in a thin layer of skin or bruised from wooden walls.
his hands are home.
Maybe this wasn't right.
         Her blood is on my hands
Maybe everything is wrong.
         Fuck, they won't stop shaking
Maybe we shouldn't have done this.
         I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong
Maybe we should've never started any of this.
         I couldn't stop Her voice spoke into me
           It had to be her

Maybe we should end this.
         Maybe I should
Maybe it's time to say goodbye.
         I could hear her sing in Hell
update: november 14, 2014

I'm tired of writing poems about love when I barely knew how to write.
I needed change. 

The regular font is the entire original poem. I had to change it.
gripping at my jacket sleeves,
wishing they were her neck

her lips like heroin,
mine salty from the tears

the heat of her hands
singed brands into my skin

my ungraceful movements,
they danced in her eyes

her steps were fluid
manipulated by a mind so capricious
and I'm still asking how

the air in my lungs,
the blood in my veins,
but she seeped like toxins into my bones
depleting the calcium allowing me to stand

then I hear her whisper my name
and her fingertips flit through fabric
to kiss my skin with hiemal hands
only for I to realize
it was just the wind.
Distance Killed The Sprinter
update: november 13, 2014
My life is a wreck, but you know what they say, a captain goes down with their ship.

May 5, 2014, 5:37 PM


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Natalie Irey
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I lost my way and the only map is the syllables in my sentences.

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