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give me the words to write about you

but I'll be damned to an eternity to find that
I haven't been given enough
with the way you look, yet retract from being seen,
because how could it be?

the way your body is in a cyclone of twitching fingers
fighting to place their tips against my back,
traveling the indents between my ribs.

you are an organized chaos,
complacent in the rotation of our planet,
but ever itching for what is slightly out of reach.

yet here I am twirling in the whirlwind around your skin
I've reread the stories from which I squeezed the essence of our clashes
and reaped the gardens underneath the clouds of ourselves.
between the metaphors of water, I found we were drowning.
scathing at the waves for our last breath,
we clung to each other, counting the bubbles racing away to the surface.
the light, dying beneath the depth we dragged ourselves to,
drained from my eyes until it was a single star.
and like our wishes it was gone, we were sinking.
I tried to be the bonfire that evaporated the puddles,
but they turned to oceans, and now I'm as useful as a waterlogged lighter.
We joined Davey Jones, left to rot
in the hopes the coast guard finds our remains.
Write poetry about me.
about the way my hands ________
almost uncontrollably
and how the wind ________ my hair.
Write epics of my eyes.
compare them to chocolate that had
too little milk mixed in

or say they're hazel,
because you see ________ in them.
Write a play of us.
that way you have the power to craft us
as tragedy, putting Shakespeare to shame
or have the audience laughing, crying,
applauding when you say, "____________!"
Write a story, a summary, a half-attempted introduction.
Write because I can't fill in all the spaces for you.
The Partner of an Illiterate
i want to see the way he puts us into words this time
seeping from sewer grates and teetering on top of towers.
they sit. they wait. they plan for the downfall.
waiting just at the clouded corner of the eye.
they look in the mirror. they don't see green scales or sharpened teeth.
I want them cloaked in red with speakers screaming, "CAUTION. CAUTION."
I want them stored in lock boxes at the bottom of the sea.
that's palpable, imaginable.
out here they merge with crowds, sometimes with their chins higher.
they destroyed empires, contaminated the ground, and took out their own.
monsters, savages, creatures,
Monster Man
update: february 21, 2015
In the recesses was
a creature of black and white.
It clawed and smashed against the crumbling walls,
filling in the cracks.
When spirits slugged down my throat,
the creature retreated to the shadows.
With the steel it screeched,
forcing hate over my tongue.
In the night, it dug deep into the cranial floor
until sanguine pools poured.
Silence gave it room to think.
And with each thought,
actions were taken
until it was the succubus
that let me drown.
Monster has a Creature

update: february 21, 2015
My life is a wreck, but you know what they say, a captain goes down with their ship.

May 5, 2014, 5:37 PM


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Natalie Irey
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I lost my way and the only map is the syllables in my sentences.

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